Born in 1845, over the years Fernet-Branca has successfully preserved the personality and uniqueness that has conquered the world.

Its secret formula, passed down from father to son in the Branca family, has guaranteed the protection of the quality that still makes it the digestive bitter liqueur par excellence. Indeed, the 27 herbs it contains come from all five continents: aloe comes from South Africa, rhubarb from China, gentian from France, galingale from India or Sri Lanka, chamomile from Italy or Argentina, just to name a few.

In addition to that there are flowers, herbs, roots and plants used for alcoholic brews, extracts and teas that once, blended in a special mixture, produce the beneficial properties of the product.

Fernet-Branca ages for at least one year in oak barrels and has a rich brown colour with amber hues. Its aroma is intense, penetrating, balanced and rich.
Thanks to its history, authenticity and unique taste, Fernet.Branca has managed to live on through the decades, always reinventing its modern character. It definitely has a place in the heart of its admirers, who know well that a product like this never fails to live up to expectations.

Fernet-Branca is particularly refreshing if mixed with cola or Chinotto, which creates a drink with a clean-cut and unexpected flavor. Known as the Fernandito, it is a cocktail that has conquered Argentina thanks its unique character. It’s easy to make and very flexible, so it is an ideal aperitif that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world among those who love to share a drink with their friends.

Available in 700ml // ABV:39%

Origin: Italy

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