Little Drippa

Little Drippa 5L Box // ABV: 0%
Little Drippa 750ml // ABV: 0%

Cold Drip Cocktail Coffee

Little Drippa

Cocktail Coffee

Little Drippa is a cold extracted coffee that is designed to fix the problems of pre extracted coffee for bartenders.

It is smooth and consistent in flavour and whilst most venues need to adjust their existing recipe (usually removing the sugar syrup that is put in to mask acidic coffee) the results can be an Espresso Martini with balanced coffee flavour.

Due to the method of extraction Little Drippa has a longer life of 20 weeks from the day of bottling. Coffee from a machine should be drank within 2 minutes of it being extracted, after this the acidity increases and the coffee flavour starts to dissipate.

Little Drippa is quick, no more walking out of the bar to extract shots instead bartenders can just pour straight from the bottle.

Little Drippa is the perfect solution to cost effective, consistent Espresso Martinis.

Available in Available in 750ml Bottles. Available in 5 Litre Bag-in-Box // ABV:0%